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Peeping Tom Oklahoma Judge Had Prior Reassignment Surgery--Bureaucratically

Peeping Tom Oklahoma Judge Had Prior Reassignment Surgery--Bureaucratically

The Perks of Judgeship Include Helping Impose Theocracy?

(OKLAHOMA CITY) Earlier this month, Oklahoma County District Judge, Bill Graves, denied a petition from a plaintiff who was requesting a new name.

Judge Graves used an extensive quote from his bedside reading table, the Christian bible, to deny this simple request from a person who is preparing for sex-reassignment surgery.

Graves wrote in his opinion “It is notable that Genesis 1:27-28 states: ‘So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth ...' " ( )

Oklahoma voters passed in 2010 a Constitutional amendment that would prohibit the use of Islamic Sharia law in Oklahoma courts. Thanks to an appeal brought by the ACLU of Oklahoma it has been ruled by the Federal 10th Circuit Court as unconstitutional. And Oklahoma citizens are afraid of Sharia law being used in courts? But Christian myths proposed as valid legal argument are acceptable? Graves has made a classic case of what theocracy looks like in Oklahoma. ( )

Earlier in his opinion Judge Graves claims to have a made a scientific inquiry as to the validity of sex-reassignment surgery. ( )

"Scientific" is a four-letter word in the vocabulary of Judge Graves and for him to use it trying to justify his official opinion is ludicrous.

It's safe to say that Judge Graves holds his god's law above any legislation passed by elected men and women in the Oklahoma legislature.

The source of Graves's "science" opinion is GOPer Rep. Mike Ritze who claims a degree and experience in osteopathy. ( )

Here is a criticism of osteopathy from the UK's National Health Service: "According to the U.K. National Health Service, the use of osteopathy is not always based on science, and there is no good evidence that osteopathy is effective for any health condition other than back pain and helping recovery after hip or knee operations. There is no good evidence that osteopathy is an effective treatment for asthma, painful periods, shoulder pain, headaches or migraines, sinusitis, stress or depression, even though it is sometimes used for these conditions." ( )

I have seen checks written by Judge Graves with the handwritten insertion of "A.D." on the date line and there is available on the Oklahoman newspaper website an official letterhead document from Graves's judicial office with the printed insertion of "A.D." on the dateline. It's all you need to know about the psyche of Judge Graves. A photo of the letter as well as the homophobic reason Graves used to justify writing the letter is at this link:

Judge Graves is a Oklahoma County district judge and must be elected to a term in office every four years. One of the requirements is that a candidate for election must have an active law license and be admitted to practice in Oklahoma. Unless Graves could be disbarred due to professional incompetence, bribery, or other provable criminal activity, this soul-mate of Sally Kern, archetypal enemy of human rights and civil equality, will in all likelihood be returned to office as often as he cares to take the trouble. ( )

His public career has included 24 years as a GOPer representative in House Dist. 84, now occupied by GOPer Rep. Sally Kern, who also bought her current house from Bill Graves. How's that for continuity of discrimination and minority hatred? You can't make this stuff up! ( )

As a legislator Graves made it a point of honor that he was locally known as the most homophobic Oklahoman at the Capitol but with his elevation to county judge he has conceded that distasteful award to his successor, Sally Kern.  Graves is unapologetic with the public display of his discriminatory use of his religion as well as his judicial power towards the taxpayers of Oklahoma County who appear in his court.

In July of 2008 Judge Graves had some reassignment surgery of his own, bureaucratically speaking. The docket assignments were re-arranged to more efficiency distribute the caseload. At that time, Graves had 2,400 cases on his docket, an unusually high number. Perhaps this is an indication of incompetency that was finally recognized by the administrative judge? (  )  He now has probate and other non-criminal cases to study.
Judge Graves seems intriguingly obsessed with the private lives of people who he will never meet especially if sex is involved.

His position on the court bench allows him the opportunity to legally become a Peeping Tom, spying on the plaintiffs and defendants standing before him. Is he voyeuristically performing his idea of the heavenly Christian god of judgement, the god he so loyally worships here on earth?

Judge Graves's earlier order in a different transgender name change case can be read at this link:


  1. If you share my disgust with this bigoted judge's actions, please sign this petition to demand that Judge Graves either follow the law or resign from office:



    September 27, 2012
    Contact: Ryan Kiesel, Executive Director, ACLU of OK, 405.524.8511,

    Today the ACLU of Oklahoma filed an appeal with the Oklahoma Supreme Court on behalf of its client Angela Ingram seeking to overturn an Oklahoma County Judge’s decision denying Angela’s application to change her legally recognized name from James Dean Ingram to Angela Renee Ingram. Angela lives as a woman, and is seeking to change her legal name to match her identity.

    Prior to denying Angela’s request to change her name, Judge Graves had denied another application for a name change because that applicant, like Angela, did not conform to his narrow concept of gender identity.

    “A person’s name is a fundamental part of their identity, and it is indefensible for a judge to rob someone of their legal right choose their own name,” said Ryan Kiesel, Executive Director of the ACLU of Oklahoma. “Judge Graves’s persistent imposition of his own value system in place of the law and his denial of our client’s right to have the name of her choice is an injustice we are determined to right.”

    The ACLU’s appeal urges the Oklahoma Supreme Court to reverse the decision of Judge Graves to deny Ingram’s name change even though it was not sought for any improper purpose.

    “Oklahoma law guarantees any person the right to change his or her name, so long as the change is not part of fraudulent or illegal activity, such as a fugitive attempting to evade capture by law enforcement,” said Brady Henderson, Legal Director of the ACLU of Oklahoma. “Judge Graves chose to disregard Oklahoma law and basic constitutional principles of free speech and equal protection. His decision represents a shocking and dangerous attempt to radically expand governmental control over citizens’ most personal choices.”

    The ACLU’s appeal also calls attention to the important constitutional rights placed at risk by Judge Graves’s decision. “Choice of a name, whether it be the choice of an individual seeking to change his or her own, or parents’ choice of what to name their newborn baby, is a right protected by the First Amendment,” said Kiesel. “We the people, and not some government official, get to choose our names and those of our children.”

    The appeal, filed today, will be decided by the Justices of the Oklahoma Supreme Court or referred to the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals for a decision. Either court will have the option of reversing Judge Graves’s decision outright, or of remanding the case to give Judge Graves another opportunity to apply the law properly. It is likely that the appeal may take several months to be decided--months in which Ingram will continue to place life on hold, waiting for what other citizens can take for granted.

    Out of respect for our client’s privacy, the ACLU of Oklahoma requests that all media inquires and/or requests for interviews be directed to her attorneys at the ACLU of Oklahoma.



    CONTACT - Laura A. Belmonte, Chair, The Equality Network,, 918.906.2134

    Gay Rights Groups Condemn Judge's Treatment of Transgender Name Change Applicant

    (September 27, 2012) Leading advocacy organizations for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Oklahomans joined together in condemning Oklahoma County District Judge Bill Graves’s denial of Angela Ingram’s application to change her legally recognized name from James Dean Ingram to Angela Renee Ingram. The organizations expressed their strong support for the appeal of the ruling to Oklahoma Supreme Court filed today by ACLU of Oklahoma.

    Judge Graves has cited the Bible and erroneous medical information in justifying his decisions. Because access to the legal name change procedure is an important aspect of the medical standards of care for transgender individuals, Oklahomans for Equality, Cimarron Alliance, and The Equality Network call upon Judge Graves to exercise judicial impartiality and to redress his discriminatory and misinformed views of transgender people.

    Current medical research confirms that transgender individuals suffer from gender dysphoria, which is due to a random genetic variation that happens without etiology that affects the way the gender centers of the brain develop in utero. In other words, there are people born with male bodies and female brains and vice-versa. Gender dysphoria is congenital and genetic but it cannot be detected by performing chromosomal testing. Random, unsuspected chromosomal and genetic variations are quite common. This is why the International Olympic Committee no longer uses chromosomal testing for its athletes.

    In the past, attempts to "cure" this variation included frontal lobotomy, electroshock therapy, intense psychotherapy, and aversion therapy. All of these approaches were unsuccessful and reparative (aversion) therapy has been condemned as unethical by the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, and numerous additional national and international mental health, medical health, and social work organizations.

    "Judge Graves’s refusal to grant transgender Oklahomans name changes is totally unnecessary, serves no legitimate purpose, and only inflicts more suffering into the lives of those who are already in the midst of dramatic life changes as they deal with the complexities of treatment of a legitimate medical condition” said Dr. Laura Arrowsmith, an Oklahoma physician who serves on the board of the National Center for Transgender Equality.

    “Judge Graves is making law from the bench and denying transgender individuals their First Amendment right to adopt the name of their choosing and to live an authentic life,” added Brittany Novotny, an Oklahoma City lawyer and member of the board of directors for The Equality Network.