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In mythology, Apollo is one of the most important and many-sided of the Olympian deities. Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of light and the sun; truth and prophecy; archery; medicine and healing; music, poetry, and the arts. (from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo )

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Forget the Merrill Lynch bull---Obama is the true symbol

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Forget the Merrill Lynch bull---Obama is the true symbol

I'll gladly take on a Nobel Prize laureate.  What does a Nobel Prize mean when it's given to a green president less than a year in office who has done nothing for peace ever since?

Contrary to how Paul Krugman thinks success can be represented or described I find the inescapable fact that Obama is continuing a Middle East war, enlarging it with a coalition of the willing, redux a la Bu$h, to be a more realistic description of the failure of his two terms.  Dr. Cornell West knows this and so does author and journalist Bob Herbert in his new book, Losing Our Way."  He's interviewed on the latest Bill Moyers program.

Would you count it a success to be blasted to pieces in an unneeded war, to come back--if alive--to an uncertain future and less than adequate health care and medical services?  How about being able-bodied yet buggered to your death with taxes and low wages while obscenely rich corporate CEOs hide, and sometimes not so hidden, their riches in offshore black holes of financial magic?  Forget the Merrill Lynch bull statue as a symbol of the power of corporations, Obama is the true symbol--a Trojan Horse stabled on Wall Street.

Are those who still hold out for Obama, claiming that white people who criticize Obama are racists, going to say the same about the opinions and research of two prominent Americans who are black?

I criticze Obama's actons not his genome!

Clip-- " think that most Americans don't understand the degree of suffering that individuals and their families are going through as a result of these wars that we just continue to fight wars without end, wars where, in many cases the majority of the population is not even paying attention to what's going on. And so the toll in individual lives has been staggering. The suffering for the tens of thousands of men and women who have had grotesque injuries, sometimes losing two limbs, three limbs, sometimes four limbs, terrible burns, brain injuries, and that sort of thing, none of that gets a lot of coverage.

"And then the staggering costs of these wars, which are borne by the taxpayers. I mean, one of the things that was insane was that, as we're at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Bush administration cut taxes. This has never been done in American history. The idea of cutting taxes while you're going to war is just crazy. I mean, it's madness."

Full Show: Restoring an America That Has Lost Its Way |...
Reporter Bob Herbert on his new book, Losing Our Way, an intimate and heartrending portrait of America in economic despair.
Preview by Yahoo

And here's the link to Cornell West's interview on Democracy Now.

Who's the first to call Senator Warren a racist?


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Why did Fallin deprive her two children of a man in the house?

Why do the morally bankrupt always hide behind the shield of children who aren't their own?

Photo by the author of one of the first
 same-gender marriages legalized in Oklahoma,
October 6, 2014

(OKLAHOMA CITY) Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin issued a statement decrying the action of the Supreme Court in allowing the various Circuit Court rulings to stand, meaning that in 30 states of the American Dis-union same-gender couples can be legally married without reservation or diminution.

Fallin claims unelected judges cannot overturn the will of the citizens.

I would like to remind Fallin and her followers that the Supreme Court that acted yesterday to unblock one of the avenues of discrimination used by flat-earthers against gay and lesbian taxpayers is the same Court that delivered a victory for them that promoted religion being used to block women's access to birth control.

It was named the Hobby Lobby case and religious fanatics were delighted  such as Fallin and her equally odious compatriot, Rep Sally "gays-worse-than-terrorists" Kern.

Civil rights should never be used as a raffle prize to see who can bring the most voters to the polls as was done in 2004 regarding SQ 711, the voter-passed amendment that made Oklahoma gay and lesbian citizens second class.

Now, ten years and shy one month later, that contemptible misuse of the ballot box, that scamming of the voters, that demeaning of Oklahoma's gays and lesbians is now removed from the legal statutes and unenforceable.

Governor Fallin, and others like her such as Sally Kern, talks a good deal about some amorphous invention in law called "state's rights". When she shows me her copy of the Code of State's Rights I'll show her my copy of the Gay Agenda.

What is Fallin going to do, provided she's re-elected? There's no way to overturn a Supreme Court decision except by a Federal Constitutional Amendment or a new law passed by Congress. Will Fallin and the religiously righteous pass a bill to outlaw single parent families since she thinks a man and woman are necessary in the home that has children?   

Why do the morally bankrupt always hide behind the shield of children who aren't their own?

I'd like to hear more about Fallin's own divorce and re-marriage. 
She claimed her first husband was abusive.

Her first husband claimed she was cavorting with, and photographed kissing, her tax-paid bodyguard.

 Her two bio-children were under age and living at home at the time of Fallin's first divorce. The daughter didn't turn out too well from what I read having two marriages in less than a year. Is Fallin speaking from experience? 

Most of this doesn't matter except when these false icons of morality dip their poisoned tongues into the lives of adults for whom they have no responsibility.

But she presents herself as a role model and used that phony image of a mother in her first campaign for governor to defeat Jeri Askins, an unmarried woman.

I'm surprised she hasn't tried a whispering campaign of salubrious rumors about her gubernatorial opponent Joe Dorman's unmarried love life.  Maybe yet--there's less than thirty days to go until the election.

Watch your back, Joe---and your private emails.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Renaissance Ethos Comes to Oklahoma City...

Renaissance Ethos Comes to Oklahoma City... 
but without the artistic genius, just the superstition

Photo courtesy of http://www.wellesley.edu/medren

Right up front:  If people want to think the age of the Renaissance or earlier was the heyday of religious thought and practice and like to retreat to a time capsule where they can speak Latin, wear clothing made from fabric only the royalty and clerics of the time could afford, all paid for by the sweat and blood of the workers, I say, yeah, go for it.

However, the lid on that time capsule needs to get screwed back on tight when those time dwellers think the public forum can be limited when their religion and its hocus-pocus ceremonies are mocked in public

I attended the Sunday, September 21 séance at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Oklahoma City held in an attempt to intimidate city officials into canceling the permit of a group of Satanists who intend to perform a Black Mass satire of the more familiar Roman Mass at the OKC Civic Center Music Hall.

I overheard some ushers say that 2,000 programs were printed and all of them had been handed out and there was still  large number of people walking on to the church grounds with 20 minutes to kick off.

The gymnasium was used for overflow with a big screen projection and speakers were mounted in the parking lot.  I wonder if the fire marshal knew just how full that gymnasium was?  But the loving breath of the Christian god would have blown out any hint of the devil's fire.  God protects churches from lightening strikes and tornadoes doesn't "He"?  Just ask the citizens of Moore, Oklahoma about heavenly protection insurance.

Streets were barricaded for a two-block perimeter in the neighborhood.  Plenty of police, sheriff's deputies, and hunter-orange clad church ushers were to be seen.

From my own observations made perambulating the area I saw not a sign of obstruction.
It will be most valuable to see if the same courtesy is afforded those who attend tonight's Black Mass at the Civic Center.

[poster's note: There was a whole lot of protest from the friends of Jesus at the Civic Center.
CEO Coakley made a quiet unannounced visit to the Civic Center the following Monday to exorcise any lingering incense from the Devil Mass.  http://www.oklahoman.com/article/5347591?access=f553757fc220ce4fe0fa2aa3d030a58e  ]

Paul Coakley, CEO of Catholics of OKC, Inc., claims the Black Mass is a sacrilege even though he admitted in his pep rally speech this afternoon that there was no "consecrated host" involved.

He went on to say that this afternoon's rally was not to protest the Black Mass but to adore and venerate the one "true food and blood" of Christians.

Oh, I know a few Baptists who would take issue with that statement.

After looking at my photos of the full regalia of the Knights of Columbus, monstrances, cloaks, hoods, plumed headdresses, and candle holders tell me why Catholics have any better view of the world then the Satanists.

How is it that the dirty hands of a priest who has committed the rape of children--the rapes are always plural--can touch bare handed the "consecrated host" to place it in the windowed monstrance to put it on public view and it's called veneration?

Yet for some amateur drama club to use an ordinary cracker and satirize the Catholic Mass is an atrocity crying to City Hall officials to forbid.

As far as I know Satanists haven't got away with the mass rape of children entrusted to their care as Catholics around the world have let their priests commit, generation after generation.

I wonder just how do the Knights of Columbus get their capes to drape just so over their shoulders?
Do they know some tasteful drag queens?

Someone tell me why a  Putnum City public school bus was there?

The T-shirt says, "Ask me why you deserve hell/"
Westboro Catholic Contingent?

Overflow view from the back of the gym.  

Dig the plumes. Costumes from which century?

Direct from the Middle Ages

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Judge Ignores the Oklahoma Constitution and Denies His God

Photo by the author
Photo courtesy of David Glover


As many of you know the case on the violation of the Oklahoma's Constitution prohibition of using tax money or public property to support any kind of religious ceremony, symbol, or promotion was recently ruled on by Oklahoma County Judge Thomas Prince.

Article 2, section 5 http://ballotpedia.org/Article_II,_Oklahoma_Constitution
Public Money or Property - Use for Sectarian Purposes
No public money or property shall ever be appropriated, applied, donated, or used, directly or indirectly, for the use, benefit, or support of any sect, church, denomination, or system of religion, or for the use, benefit, or support of any priest, preacher, minister, or other religious teacher or dignitary, or sectarian institution as such.

In his ruling Judge Prince wrote that the monument serves an historical, not religious, purpose and can stay right where it is.

His campaign website says he says he attends Quail Springs Baptist Church.
When does a religion symbol cease to become religious?  Evidently, when it can be used to bribe voters in favor of a certain candidate.   How venal, how irreligious a technique is that?  http://www.keepjudgeprince.com/about-judge-prince.html

Well, wouldn't you know it, Judge Prince is up for re-election this November 4, 2014. He got this position-- judge in district 7, office 2--by being appointed by Gov. Mary Fallin in 2012 to fill a death-caused vacancy.  http://judgepedia.org/Thomas_E._Prince

And Prince has an opponent, so you can guess where his election would be headed had he ruled in favor of the Oklahoma Constitution instead of ignoring it.

Frequently, judges claim deeply religious symbols are merely historical artifacts and have no sacred meaning outside of the house of worship.   If this is the case, why are so many flat-earth worshipers very keen on getting a particular view of the Ten Commandments placed in prominent locations other than their own house of worship?

This demeaning of sacredness is very offensive to other people of faith who want to keep that faith out of the public square, especially when we have a constitutional amendment forbidding such a practice.

I'm recommending voters who care about the separation of church and state to NOT vote for Thomas Prince for district judge.

We always hear how local officials should be responsive to the voters about local issues and now's the perfect opportunity to exercise your local vote on a judge-candidate who I think is putting his tax-funded paycheck ahead of the Oklahoma Constitution.

You can read the details of the court ruling at this link:

I write this story of my own volition with no encouragement, instruction, or remuneration from any organization I may be affiliated with.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Only Thing Missing was the Cotton Candy

Christians unite to hate the devil but how they love Jesus, the so-called center of their religion devotion, shows just how DIS-united they truly are.

The Christian carnival we saw this afternoon and evening in front of the Civic Center Music Hall was a perfect demonstration of the wide variety of America's love for Jesus and all things connected with him that can be bloody, torturous, repressive, and ignorant.

These demonstrators against the alleged Black Mass performed by an amateur drama club were not your average Sunday morning main stream worshipers that come to my mind such as Baptists of any variety, Presbyterians, Methodists, or even Episcopalians and Roman Catholics.

The agitation invoked by Paul Cloakley, CEO of OKC Catholics, Inc.--to try and stop a satiric version of the conventional mass--stirred up more than his own parishioner-stockholders.  He agitated the cockroaches of believers who come out at the slightest provocation to feed on religious dissension, their life's blood.

I walked around this evening and took photos of the colorful extravaganza of signs, curses, and hysteria.

The only thing missing was the cotton candy.

An unused cross is a terrible thing to waste.

Even vegetarians get the dig from the flat-earthers.

It's always odd to see the east front of a
building with sunlight on it at sunset.

A sad figure.


A rainbow blessing.

Jesus made a personal appearance

A member of the red sash contingent.